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General or ideal-typical places in civil society

Ancient Greek and Roman places

  • Academy [r]: The name traditionally associated with Plato's philosophy school just north of Athens; thought by some sources to have been the name of a grove of trees. In modern usage the term often refers to higher education as an ideal type. [e]
  • Agora [r]: In ancient Greek cities, a place for both market activity and a forum. Modern usage tends to stress only the former. [e]
  • Auditorium [r]: A dedicated building or space within a theater, concert hall or other building devoted to speaking, listening and hearing. (E.g., the audience space within a theater may be termed the auditorium.) [e]
  • Gymnasium [r]: An institution or place for sporting events and participation. (In some countries, the term may also refer to institutions offering secondary education.) [e]
  • Lyceum [r]: An Athenian school of philosophy founded by Aristotle and emphasizing natural science. More generally, a performance venue, theater or auditorium available as a public hall. [e]

Modern and contemporary places

Specific places