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Casino games can be divided into several different classes, based on how they are played. The first class is table games, which usually involve a live dealer, and bets that are placed with chips. Some games, such as craps, are played with dice. Others, such as blackjack and poker, are played with cards, and others, such as roulette are played with a wheel. Players will place bets in chips, and be paid in chips, which can usually be redeemed at a cashier's cage in the casino.

Electronic Games

The next category of casino games is electronic games. These include slot, or fruit machines, which are usually played with coins or tokens. The player puts their wager into the machine, pulls a lever, and the machine decides the outcome. Another popular electronic game is video poker, which is usually played in a style similar to draw poker. The player is dealt a number of cards, can discard several cards, and receiver new ones. Once the player has drawn, their hand is compared to a paytable, and they may win money for having certain poker hands; usually more money for stronger hands. Lastly there are electronic versions of parlour games, such as video keno and bingo.

Parlor Games

Another category of casino games is known as parlor games. These include keno and bingo, and usually involve a live dealer drawing numbers, and a room full of players with cards which they compare to the numbers being drawn. In bingo, the game may be played until there is a winner (more commonly in charity games), or there may be a certain paytable based on how many numbers the player gets. Keno is always played with a fixed paytable.

Sports Betting

The last category of casino games is sports betting. Sports bets are usually placed at a betting window, or in a special area called a sportsbook, where players can watch the games being bet on. The casino will post certain betting lines on games, such as moneylines, where the bettor guesses who will win, or a point spread, where the bettor can pick either side, but the winner is determined after adding a certain number of points to one team's total. There are also over/under bets, where the bettor attempts to guess the total score of both teams combined, and in some places exotic bets, such as betting on political races, American Idol results, or other outcomes.