Carrier Strike Group

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A U.S. carrier strike group (CSG, CVBG) will typically include:

The group is commanded by a rear admiral or commodore, usually with the carrier as flagship. Group air defense control is most often run from one of the cruisers.

Under normal tempo of operations, for each group deployed in a theater of operations, two other groups will be in transit, training, or refitting. Forward groups usually always in the western Pacific with the United States Seventh Fleet and in the Mediterranean with the United States Sixth Fleet. There may be one in southwest Asian waters, under the United States Fifth Fleet. For peak demands, such as Operation DESERT STORM, as many as six groups may concentrate, with more airpower aboard than possessed by more than a small number of navies.

India probably has the closest equivalent formation, although with much lesser capabilities. France can put one group to sea, and Britain, with active construction, will have two.