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Dunton Tower, the tallest structure on campus

Carleton University is a public university located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada established in 1942. Undergraduate enrolment as of November 2006 was 24,085 students in total . Carleton offers degree programs in more than 50 disciplines through its faculties of Arts and Social Sciences,Engineering and Design,Graduate Studies and Research, Public Affairs, Science and its Sprott School of Business[1]. The University's Chancellor is Dr. Marc Garneau and the President is Dr. Roseann Runte.[2]


Carleton was founded in 1942 as a small private college with the objective of providing educational opportunities for the many young people brought to Ottawa by the Second World War. Henry Marshall Tory, the first President of the University, recalled a conversation with Ottawa businessman, William Connor which, “turned upon the question of the influx into the city of so many young people, many of whom had been forced by circumstances into war work. Could anything be done for them by way of assisting them to continue their education?” [3]. At first Carleton offered only evening courses, which were held in what was then Ottawa's High School of Commerce (now Glebe Collegiate Institute).

As the war drew to a close, Carleton expanded to fill the needs of returning veterans. In 1946 the university moved into the former Ottawa Ladies College a "finishing school for young Protestant Ladies" [3]. In the Summer of 1959 Carleton moved to its present campus located between the Rideau River, the Rideau Canal and Bronson Avenue.


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