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Dogs is at present a defacto (not yet approved) under the Hobbies Workgroup CZ:Hobbies Workgroup

CZ's structure is still evolving; feel free to help!

Workgroups are no longer used for group communications, but they still are used to group articles into fields of interest. Each article is assigned to 1 to 3 Workgroups via its Metadata page. Communications formerly occuring in a Workgroup should now take place in the Forum or in individual article Talk pages.

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Dog breed article guidelines

We haven't (yet?) set absolute rules for these articles, or indeed for many...if any...of CZ's species and variety articles, and I think that's good; authors have leeway and can write in their own style.

However, some guidelines are in order for the sake of consistency.

General comments

  • Tone. Let’s keep it engaging and interesting. The most important thing is that everyone browsing or "surfing into" a dog breed article should want to read right to the end.
  • Level. There’s much discussion about this on the forums. Many think CZ article levels should be geared to Should be written at general university level, and many others think the articles should be written with smart high schoolers and regular smart folks in mind.

Whatever you do, don’t presume specialised knowledge. Certainly, there are specialised terms that dog fanciers and breeders know; these can and should be used and explained in your article where appropriate. As of April, 2008, we don’t have a glossary of specialised terminology in the dog, dog breeding clusters, so if you want to have a stab at it, by all means do!

Article guidelines

  1. Articles should describe the general appearance of the dog in easily-understood and engaging language. State anything unique about the breed. Go on to talk about the breed's origin and history, as much as is known, and keep fact separated from folklore.
  1. I am adamant that breed standards will not be a part of the articles. They're dull. Rather, describing the salient points of the breed standard and giving links to the breed standard(s) of your choice is the way to go in my opinion.
  1. Items not specific to the breed under discussion should be kept to a minimum. No detailed discussion of general dog topics such as genetics, whelping, choosing a reputable breeder, how to care for puppies, and so forth.

Unless there are items specifically relating to this breed, consider discussing these at more general articles: dog, terrier, herding dog, dog breeding, etc.

  1. Items of interest only to the most obsessed breed fancier should be relegated to subpages, if they belong in the article at all. For example, no in-depth listing of who-begat-who--Champion Lillypilly of Orison out of Pathos Intrepid by Dangerous Liaison and so on ad infinitum. By all means do mention dogs of significance, but that's it. No listing of breed champions and show results. One possible exception: a catalogue of the Best in Show for the top shows in the world would be in order, I think.
  1. Let's keep external linking out of the main narrative, placing external links on the subpages and in notes if necessary.
  1. Keep an international audience in mind; avoid speaking only in terms of one's own country.
  2. Think objectively. Don’t aggrandise or malign your breed. For instance, do not describe the breed as healthy “except for being prone to tooth disease, breathing difficulties, problems in whelping, hip dysplasia, premature heart attacks and deafness.” On the other hand, do not list conditions and diseases that any dog of any breed might get. Be balanced.
’’These have been drafted by a Citizendium specialised editor for dog breeds, Aleta Curry. They are by no means cast in stone, so feel free to contact me about any or all of them, any time.’’
  • Did I make a typo? Be bold—just change it.
  • Something brilliant on your mind? Write it down on the talk page, you don’t have to ask first.

Not ready to blurt it out on a public talk page yet? No problem: TALK TO ALETA HERE!

If you want to really be private, my e-mail function is engaged, so feel free.

Draft Outline

The breed name is a large/small/medium breed of dog from (country).

History of the breed



describe the breed; particulary any striking or unusual points

Current breed standard

Optional. This section might be of use if there are interesting or controversial aspects to the breed standard, such as similarities to or points of departure from those of another breed. Describe important aspects the breed standard briefly, please do not just cut-and-paste the entire breed standard or quote extensively from it.

The breed today

Does this breed still work? Particular uses?

Dog Project To do

Dog terms

Dog organisations

Dog types and groups