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General policies and procedures

Goals of a project application system

We have a strong interest in making sure that participants in the Citizendium be trustworthy. Of all participants, we require:

  • a username that is the participant's own real name (special permission to use a pseudonym must be applied for)
  • a short bio (50 words is an absolute minimum; 100-500 words preferred)
  • a working e-mail address
  • endorsement of the following: (1) "I agree with, or endorse, the Citizendium Charter and acknowledge that I have read the reasons for bans"; (2) "The name I have specified under 'Your full name' is in fact my own real name"; and (3) "I am at least 13 years old."

In the first few weeks of the pilot project, we also required a resume or CV from Authors, as well as Web links, establishing that a person had a certain identity. We no longer require this evidence from Authors, although of course it is still expected that people will contribute under their own real names and identities, and persons who use pseudonyms without permission may be excluded permanently from the project. Moreover, because of their greater responsibility in the system, we still require such evidence of identity from Editors and Moderators. Note that there are cultures whose names consist of a single name, be careful to verify whether the applicant belongs to this type culture. Finally, if any Author ever misbehaves or there is some reasonable question raised about the person's identity, the Moderators reserves the right to make further participation contingent on the delivery of evidence of identity.

The Author application procedure

To join the Citizendium, a contributor goes through these steps (editors see below):

  1. E-mail via the Request Account page. The contributor sends an e-mail with three items: (1) the person's real name; (2) a biography (50 words minimum, 100-500 words preferred) to be posted on the person's user page, containing (at a minimum) name, educational and professional highlights (i.e., just a list of degrees, main positions held, and/or important experience would do), and areas of interest; and (3) a claim to the effect that contributor endorses the Citizendium rules.
  2. Moderators create the contributor's account and password. Once all three items are received, Moderators then create an account for the contributor.
  3. Moderators place the biography and a welcome message on the contributor's pages. Moderators add to the new author's user page the Author's bio, and the [[Category:CZ Authors|''Lastname, Firstname'']] tag (unless the person has applied for editorship; see below). The {{czcategories}} template can also be added. On the user talk page, Moderators place a {{awelcome}} template followed by a signature (i.e., what is produced when typing "~~~~").
  4. Moderators send the new contributor a welcome message. Finally, the Moderator welcomes the new Author to the project and points the person to the new user page.

The Editor application procedure

See Editor Application Review Procedure.

The Moderator application procedure

Moderator applications are now solicited from time to time and made by the Citizendium Council. Moderators in particular must give 100% iron-clad proof of who they are and that they have the qualifications they say they have.

Instructions for application review

General policies for application review

Here are some notes for personnel administrators, i.e., the people who monitor and respond to mail.

  • We have a system in place in which a work assigner sends applications to particular Moderators. Please find out who this person is and get on his or her list.
  • See above for what we require of authors and editors.
  • All Moderators may adjudicate Author applications.
  • For minors (persons under 18 years old), we should edit biographies so that they do not have so much identifying information. For example, a state or province will suffice, and precise birthdays should also be excluded (birth years are OK). Delete any school and town information as well.
  • Feel free to edit bios for relevance. We don't need info about how they feel about either Wikipedia or the Citizendium.
  • A tacit requirement for participation is reasonably good English language proficiency, as indicated by the e-mail application. If the e-mail, bio, and/or other materials contain numerous elementary grammar and spelling errors, then we should send a gentle rejection: "Currently, the Citizendium requires a well-developed ability to write in English. While we have no problem whatsoever with non-native speakers joining the project, there is a requirement of excellent English language proficiency. You might be pleased to know that we will be launching versions of Citizendium in other languages, we hope in 2007."
  • In February, 2009, with no immediate prospect of any foreign-language versions of Citizendium being launched, Hayford Peirce rewrote the above to read: ""Currently, the Citizendium requires a well-developed ability to write in English. While we have no problem whatsoever with non-native speakers joining the project, there is a requirement of excellent English-language proficiency. We hope you'll consider us again when your writing skills in English move to a somewhat higher level. In the meantime, thanks for your interest."
  • Obviously, use your best judgment!

Moderator procedures for Author applications

We might want to edit the following...

NOTE: No one under 13 may be admitted.

When you get an application, you have to decide if you need more info or if everything is present. What's everything?

1) Their name/username (if you're not sure, if they've included a middle name and it isn't obvious - check)

2) Their endorsement or support of the above rules (endorsement or support, not understanding, not "I've read". We'd like them to be on board, please. It seems trivial, but this is often when people start to pick their particular fights).

3) A bio (see above).

4) Ok, that's the end of the sorting. Now to the wiki. Go to the wiki and log on. Then go to 'Special pages'. One of the links is 'Log in / sign up' (direct link to account creation page).

5) Fill in the info. Make up a password. Check the appropriate boxes. Here shows how the screens look: CZ:Create Account.

6) Create the account; here it is showing you the details CZ:Create Account

7) Now go to their user page (wiki/User:Sarah Tuttle, for example). You can just go to Special:Log/user creation log and it should be very near the top.

It should be blank. Copy over their bio. Below their bio put the {{awelcome}} template which provides useful info. Sign it. (~~~~ does that). Also add [[Category:CZ Authors|Tuttle, Sarah]] so they get listed.

8) Email them with username and password (reminding them to change it). Tada! You've just made someone's day. Have a cookie (a crucial last step).

Editorial personnel administrator procedures for editor applications

See Editor Application Review Procedure.

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