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The Canadian Coast Guard has plans to construct a new CCG Polar Class Icebreaker, scheduled for completion in 2017.[1][2] The Federal budget published on February 27 2008 included plans to build a new Polar class icebreaker for the Coast Guard. The $720 million CAD vessel would replace the forty-year-old CCGS Louis S. St Laurent when it is completed, in 2017.[3][4]

Minister's comments

Minister of Defence Peter MacKay has stated that the icebreaker will be built in Canada.[5] According to the Halifax Chronicle Herald the Irving Shipyard near MacKay's riding, can expect some of the construction work:

The replacement ship is to be built in Canada and Irving’s Halifax Shipyard can be expected to seek a piece of the work, likely as part of a consortium including other Canadian shipyards.

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Loyola Hearn announced the icebreaker will be homeported in St John's Newfoundland and Labrador -- his riding.[6] The new vessel is to be larger than the Louis St Laurent.

Third party comments

Michael Byers, the Canada Research chair in global politics and international law at UBC, responded:

  • "This icebreaker and new money for mapping is something that Arctic experts like myself have been calling for, for some years now. I hope it's real. I hope it's not just an election promise."[3]
  • "We need it and we need it right now. But I'm still somewhat skeptical. This has been done before for cynical electoral politics."[7]

The Canadian Armed Forces new icebreakers

In 2007 the Stephen Harper government announced plans to build six to eight icebreakers for the Canadian Armed Forces Maritime Command.[8] The Maritime Command's new icebreakers will be based on the Norwegian Svalbard class. They will not be capable of operating in Arctic winter ice as a Polar Class icebreaker can. The Winnipeg Free Press quoted Gary Stern, the chief scientist aboard the CCGC Amundsen, who called Maritime Command's new design "slush-breakers".


In contrast to the $720 million CAD announced to the new CCG Polar Class icebreakers, the Navy Times reports that replacing either of the United States Coast Guard's two oldest Polar Class icebreakers could cost as much as $925 million USD.[9]

The 1985 Polar 8 initiative

In 1985 the Canadian government announced plans to build a fleet, known as the Polar 8 Class.[7] This project was cancelled in 1989.


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