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Buskaid Soweto String Project is a South African community music school for local disadvantaged students which was founded by Rosemary Nalden, an English viola player. On hearing a 1991 BBC Radio report which showed the difficulties facing young musicians in Diepkloof Soweto, Rosemary decided to raise money to help the kids by means of mass busking. She received the support of over 100 colleagues, and in March 1992 a capital-wide simultaneous busk was held in 16 British Rail stations.

The String Project was established 5 years later, and is now funded by corporate sponsorship and individual donation, CD sales and music performances. There is a purpose-built music school in Diepkloof, opened in 1999, which includes a music library and practice studios. The Buskaid Ensemble has toured internationally, including concerts in the USA hosted by Gillian Anderson (Special Agent Scully from The X-Files) as well as a performance at the BBC Proms in July 2007.