Boland’s Mill

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File:Bolands mill.jpg
A modern picture of the remaining parts of Boland's Mill. It once employed thousands but now lies idle.

Boland's Mill is an old flour mill building in the inner-city Grand Canal Dock area of Dublin, Ireland. Once a beacon to the working class heartland of the city, it now stands idle and unused beside modern towerblocks where wealthy city dwellers live. Boland's Mill was a scene of the Easter Rising, when Éamon de Valera was the commander of occupying rebels. Accounts of de Valera's service in Boland's Mill are mixed, with some of the rebels claiming he was petrified and unable to even move, and with others claiming he was a competent leader. Nevertheless, Boland's Mill is regarded as an important timepiece of the city's old industrial past.

The Mill is now destined to become an office/hotel complex, despite some objections in the Republican and academic community. [1]