Beatles for Sale

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Beatles for Sale is the fourth album by the Beatles, released on 4 December 1964.

Track list

All songs by Lennon/McCartney, except where noted:

  1. 'No Reply'
  2. 'I'm a Loser'
  3. 'Baby's in Black'
  4. 'Rock and Roll Music' (Chuck Berry)
  5. 'I'll Follow the Sun'
  6. 'Mr. Moonlight' (Roy Lee Johnson)
  7. 'Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey' (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, Little Richard)
  8. 'Eight Days a Week'
  9. 'Words of Love' (Buddy Holly)
  10. 'Honey Don't' (Carl Perkins)
  11. 'Every Little Thing'
  12. 'I Don't Want to Spoil the Party'
  13. 'What You're Doing'
  14. 'Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby' (Rex Griffin)


  • George Harrison – guitar, vocals, conga
  • John Lennon – vocals, guitars, harmonica, piano
  • Paul McCartney – vocals, bass guitar, piano, Hammond organ
  • Ringo Starr – drums, tambourine, vocals, tympani, percussion, bongos
  • George Martin – piano, production, photography
  • Robert Freeman photography
  • Derek Taylor – liner notes