Beastie (song)

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Appears on The Broadsword and the Beast
Published by Chrysalis Music
Registration ASCAP 320268171
Release date 10 April 1982
Recorded November 1981 - February 1982 at
Maison Rouge Studios, Fulham, London.
Genre Rock, Progressive rock
Language English
Length 3 minutes 59 seconds
Composer Ian Anderson
Label Chrysalis Records
Producer Paul Samwell-Smith
Engineer Robin Black and Leigh Mantle

'Beastie' is a song on British rock band Jethro Tull's studio concept album, The Broadsword and the Beast, released in 1982. Written by Ian Anderson, it is a dark, brooding rock song, featuring synthesizer mixed with guitar power chords.


The lyrics are full of angst dressed in Scottish folklore, and relates to the band's frustration of recording the album (taking over 12 months of preparation and recording) and trying to get back into the musical spotlight dominated by New Wave music. Peter Vettesse's synthesizer heralds a new sound, signalling a different aural direction for the band's future. Backed-up by the steady of drumming of Gerry Conway, providing a platform for Martin Barre's best power chord playing on the album.

Although never released as a single, it did receive appreciable airplay, and reached number 50 on the US airplay chart. The song itself influenced the artwork for the album, with a 'Beastie' appearing on the cover, and in live performances (The Broadsword Tour), a Beastie mock-up was used as a stage prop hovering above Ian Anderson's shoulder.

Chart positions

Song (airplay)

Chart (1982) Peak position
US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart 50


  • Musicians:
    • Ian Anderson – vocals, flute
    • Martin Barre – guitars
    • Peter John Vettesse - synthesizer, piano
    • Dave Pegg – bass guitar, mandolin
    • Gerry Conway - drums, percussion
  • Production:
    • Paul Samwell-Smith – producer
    • Robin Black - engineer, mixing
    • Leigh Mantle - assistant engineer