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Parent topics


  • Asthma [r]: Disease process that is characterised by paradoxical narrowing of the bronchi, making breathing difficult. [e]
  • Histamine [r]: A biogenic amine involved in local immune responses as well as regulating physiological function in the gut and acting as a neurotransmitter. [e]
  • Mast cell [r]: Non-circulating, but leukocyte-like (especially basophil) associated with the inflammatory response, especially the release of histamine. [e]

Other related topics

  • Macrophage [r]: A type of leukocyte (i.e., white blood cells) that is associated with chronic inflammatory response. It digests foreign cells using the mechanism of phagocytosis, and both circulates in the blood, but later attaches to tissue as a part of local immune response. [e]

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