Bad Religion

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Bad Religion
Author Michael L. Klassen
Country United States
Language English
Subject Religious fanaticism
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher University Press of America
Published March 2007
Pages 64
ISBN 9780761835615
OCLC 123956432

Bad Religion: the Psychology of Religious Misbehavior, is a 2007 book by Michael L. Klassen which examines aspects of religious fundamentalism. Klassen is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Northern Iowa, who has published previous books on church leadership and social communications. Bad Religion was reprinted by Rowman & Littlefield.


Bad Religion suggests that there are two classifications of religious people in the world: those that better the world through their faith, and those that cause harm and suffering through their religious misinterpretations. Bad Religion focuses on the latter group of individuals who practice 'bad religion,' by engaging in religious misconduct. Drawing from psychological research, Bad Religion examines the roots of religious indiscretion, traces the stages of development, examines the nature of people and personalities prone to religious misconduct, and suggests ways for them to seek answers to the questions: 'Who am I,' and 'What do I stand for?'