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  • Cardinal number [r]: The generalization of natural numbers (as means to count the elements of a set) to infinite sets. [e]
  • Continuum hypothesis [r]: A statement about the size of the continuum, i.e., the number of elements in the set of real numbers. [e]
  • Kurt Gödel [r]: (1906-1978) Austrian born American mathematician, most famous for proving that in any logical system rich enough to describe naturals, there are always statements that are true but impossible to prove within the system. [e]
  • Measure (mathematics) [r]: Systematic way to assign to each suitable subset a number, intuitively interpreted as the size of the subset. [e]
  • Oxford University Press [r]: Major international publisher of scholarly books, journals and reference works. [e]
  • Vitali set [r]: Set of real numbers such that the difference of any two members of the set is an irrational number and any real number is the sum of a rational number and a member of the set. [e]