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A collection of videos relating to the topic of Arudou Debito.

YouTube interviews

Arudou Debito interviewed on-line in videos hosted by YouTube.

'Japanese Only' lecture, 2010

Otaru University of Commerce video in six parts, in which Arudou discusses the Otaru hot springs case ten years on. {{#ev:youtube|Po70Y7dD2mQ}} The remaining five parts: 2, 3, 4, 5. 6.

Japan Podshow, 2009

A six-part interview; for the remaining videos, visit or go to YouTube. In these videos, Arudou talks about his background and the Otaru onsen case. {{#ev:youtube|ezg5uEoT0uI}} {{#ev:youtube|jt4Ij7rkWnQ}}

Yamato Damacy, 2006

Part 1

Introduction mentioning various issues, including Arudou's Japanese passport. {{#ev:youtube|_uKg8vqMyCs}}

Part 2

Discussion of the Otaru onsen case, racial discrimination, and Arudou's website. {{#ev:youtube|ieQLKGIa7AY}}

Part 3

The final part of the interview involves discussion of academic contracts and court cases. {{#ev:youtube|unEi3MjkuwY}}

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