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This page is archived.

What is Stub Week?

For the week of November 7 through November 13 (2007), we are--experimentally--actually encouraging Citizens to write very short articles, known as "stubs." We are also reducing the minimum content length to two sentences. Obviously we still require high quality.

It's time to start filling up the gaps, if only with stubs. Think of them as placeholders and enticements to further development.

UPDATE: Stub Week was pretty successful; we created approximately 250-300 new "CZ Live" articles in that time, or about 40 articles per day, which is more than double the rate of the previous few weeks. There was, however, a Write-a-Thon happened on the first day of Stub Week, and there was a mass mailing on the Nov. 11-12, so the numbers are no doubt significantly higher than what we would have expected.


Categories to add to stubs

On all stub pages, add three categories (you can copy and paste from here, if you like):

  1. [[Category:Stub Articles]]
  2. [[Category:CZ Live]]
  3. At least one workgroup category, e.g., [[Category:Geography Workgroup]]

Are core articles fair game?

Feel free to create stubs out of CZ:Core Articles. But if someone expands your two-sentence article to 250 words, that person can claim the available points. Your bragging rights extend strictly to just starting the article.

No Wikipedia content, please

Please don't use Wikipedia content to start your stub.

A suggestion: expand related articles pages

If you are especially ambitious, start your stub as a subpagified article (this help page for a semi-automated solution) and compose the Related Articles page for the article. Then, make stubs for at least all the Parent Topics. Lather, rinse, repeat!

Experiment concludes November 13

After November 13, we will evaluate the experiment and the Editorial Council may (or may not) make "stub encouragement" an official policy.