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November 7, 2007
Today is the Monthly Write-a-Thon!
Also, today we're starting Stub Week. Yes, we're actually encouraging you to write stubs, and we're reducing the minimum length to just two sentences. It's an experiment!
October 31, 2007
As you probably noticed, we did a press release yesterday. We also launched a progress report. As a result, we have been Slashdotted, and that has resulted in a lot of new people arriving.
Also, I (LMS) have decided not to pursue the organization of "What's Your Article?" at this time. Too much else to do, not enough internal interest.
October 26, 2007
Just a reminder: please slap Category:CZ Live on all new articles (not un-reworked Wikipedia imports) that you start!
October 23, 2007
There are now new links to our three main new initiatives on the main page, recruitment, Core Articles, and What's Your Article?.
Do you think we need more people in some particular discipline? Then make a request on Recruitment and hopefully someone will be motivated to round up some new people who study that subject.
October 18, 2007
Recently, a recruitment campaign kicked off and has already yielded considerable dividends in terms of new accounts and several new people on the wiki. Please help spread the word!
October 15, 2007
Just to let you know, an editcount has been activated, see [1]. It is supposed to be more stable than the older version. The price is a one-day lag, something to be yet improved. To promote the work in the mainspace, one more counter has been added (percentage of edits to articles).
October 8, 2007
Registration now takes place via Web form...and approving an application is done with a click of a constable's button. Thanks to Aaron Schwarz.
Thanks to everyone.
Image problems fixed.
October 6, 2007
Image problems: There is an intermittent problem with dispaying images right now. The technical people are aware of it.
October 4, 2007
There were several hours of downtime, when one of the CZ servers went down, for unknown reasons.
Then, in the evening (7:30-8:30 PM Eastern), the entire Steadfast network and other Chicago networks went down. Again, no idea why.
We passed 3,000 sometime probably yesterday.