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Welcome to the Homepage for the Copyright Compliance Team

How do I word my question for the best results?
  • Include a meaningful title. Do not write "Please Help" or "Is this copyrighted", but write a few words that briefly tell the volunteers the subject of the request.
  • Include context. Include links to any pertinent information that might help us to understand your request.
  • Do not provide your contact information. E-mail or home addresses, or telephone numbers, will be removed. A note will be left on your talk page alerting you that your request has been answered. In most cases, the results of your request will be included in the alert.

When will I get an answer?

  • It all depends. Some requests are simple. Some are much harder. For example, "is image:X copyrighted?" Usually questions of this nature are fairly easy to answer and we may get back to you within the day. On the other hand, "Can you find a picture of X that isn't copyrighted" will probably take us some time, so be patient.

How to fulfill a request

  • Be thorough. Do not assume that media is not copyrighted just because it is on flickr, facebook, or a blog. When fulfilling requests for permisson, follow up. If permission is granted, thank the copyright holder, and send a link to the article with the image. If permission is not granted, thank the copyright holder for his or her time, and invite them to read a few articles. State the request once more. If permission is denied again, do not ask again.
  • Be polite
  • Don't edit others' comments, except to fix formatting errors that interfere with readability.

Requested Images

Copyright Check


I want to have a figure about the phylogenetic tree of the Darwin-finches. I am not sure if i can use it. is the link. It is the third picture i want to use, but i am not sure if there is any copyright on it.


Also I'd like to know what guidelines i have to use, to know what i can publish here or not.

Permissions Requested


Completed Requests