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The Citizendium 'family-friendly policy' was established by the Statement of Fundamental Policies on which the project was founded. The SFP was superseded by the Charter in September 2010. The following information is included here for archival purposes only.

Citizendium is devoted to keeping its content "family-friendly." In addition to policies on article inclusion, neutrality, and others, Citizendium has a policy concerning obscenity and violence. Citizendium is meant for readers of all ages, and so should have as little sexually objectionable or gratuitously violent material as possible.

Obviously, "obscenity" and "sexually objectionable material" are vague, and what we will decide such phrases mean, in the long run, remains to be seen. Probably, we will not have graphic depictions of the sex act or photographs of human sex organs; we will have few articles about pornography; we will not catalog every sex position and every fetish; we will not have gratuitous, and shocking pictures of gore (e.g., crime scene photos); and so forth. That said, we will have articles about sex, sex organs, sadomasochism, famous murders, war atrocities, etc., and some other topics that you probably would not want to explain to your five-year-old in detail.

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