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Apixaban is an oral anticoagulant. Apixaban is an oral inhibitor of clotting Factor Xa inhibitor.


As of 8/2011, apixiban is not approved for use in the United States of America.





Hepatic metabolism.



Clinical use

Apixaban can prevent can prevent embolism and thrombosis during perioperative care according to randomized controlled trials of knee[1] and hip[2] surgery.

Apixaban may also reduce embolism better than warfarin in atrial fibrillation.[3] [4]

Randomized controlled trials of apixaban for atrial fibrillation.[3] [4]
Trial Patients Intervention Comparison Outcome Results
Intervention Control
5599 patients
• All had contraindications to warfarin
apixaban 5 mg twice daily aspirin 81 to 324 mg per day stroke or systemic embolism at 1.1 years 1.6% per year 3.7% per year
18,201 patients apixaban 5 mg twice daily warfarin (target INR 2.0 to 3.0 stroke or systemic embolism at 1.3 years 1.3% per year 1.6% per year

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