Angry Samoans

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Angry Samoans
Director Noor Razzak
Producer Noor Razzak
Screenwriter Noor Razzak
Neil Hunter
Starring Guy Capper
David Cormack
Ben Fransham
Anthony Johnson
Claire Medcalf
Music James Goldsmith
Cinematographer Thomas McGinty
Editor Jeff Hurrell
Studio A Boy Named Hamburger
Released 8 July 2004
Filmed 2004
Length 13 minutes
Origin New Zealand
Language English

Angry Samoans is a 2004 short comedy film by New Zealand director-writer Noor Razzak. It stars Guy Capper, David Cormack, Ben Fransham, Anthony Johnson, and Claire Medcalf. Filmed on location in Wellington, it made its public debut at the Fringe Film Festival on 8 July 2004.


  • Guy Capper - Jc
  • Anthony Johnson - Nick
  • Claire Medcalf - Sally
  • David Cormack - Ken the pedestrian
  • Ben Fransham - Hitman
  • Glen Jarvis - Token White Guy
  • Asofa Manase - Samoan 1
  • Garo Alofanifo - Samoan 2
  • Henry Wulf - Samoan 3
  • Malanga Toomata - Samoan 4
  • Angie Ma'alo - Samoan 5