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Alina Habba
Occupation lawyer

Alina Habba is an American lawyer.[1] She is a partner at the legal firm of Habba Madaio & Associates, LLP, based in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Work on behalf of Donald Trump

She was hired by former President of the United States Donald Trump in September 2021.[1]

Habba represented Trump against attempts to investigate allegations he had fraudulently misrepresented the value of his assets on his New York State income tax returns.[2] Habba appealed a court order Trump and his children testify under oath about the valuations they signed for when filing those returns.[3] Her appeals failed, and Letitia James, New York's Attorney General, personally deposed Trump, on August 10, 2022.[4] While Ronald P. Fischetti took the lead role in Trump's defense, Habba was also present. Trump refused to answer all questions during the four hour deposition, under the United States Constitution's Fifth Amendment.

Judge Arthur F. Engoron had held Trump in contempt of court over his refusal to testify, ordering him to pay $110,000.[5] Habba failed to get the payment overturned.

Habba worked on Trump's behalf when he was sued for defamation by Summer Zervos.[6] Trump had called Zervos a "liar", in 2017, after she accused him of kissing her and groping her, without her consent, when she was a contestant on Trump's Reality TV show, The Apprentice. In October 2021 Habba filed Trump's countersuit against Zervos, claiming she was trying to stifle Trump's right to free speech.


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