Air pollution emissions/Gallery

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A collection of images about Air pollution emissions.
Air pollution emissions
(CC) Photo: Tom Bougher
A point source of Industrial air pollution.
(CC) Photo: Mila Zinkova
Sulfur dioxide emissions from the Halemaumau vent in in Kīlauea, Hawaii
(CC) Photo: Erik Charlton
Wildfire near Santa Barbara, California.
(PD) Photo: National Park Service
Point sources of Industrial air pollution.
© Photo: Kenn Kiser
A point source of industrial air pollution.
(PD) Photo: U.S. Agency for International Development
A point source of industrial air pollution.
(PD) Photo: U.S. EPA
Point sources of industrial air pollution
(PD) Photo:  NOAA George E. Marsh Album
Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas in 1935
(CC) Photo: Owen Byrne
Air pollution sources in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
(CC) Photo: Hrönn Traustadóttir
Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull Glacier volcano eruption in 2010
(PD) Photo: Mircea Madau
Lightning over Oradea, Romania in August 2005
(PD) Photo: U.S. EPA
1999 Dust storm in Phoenix, Arizona
(CC) Photo: Ahmed Sagarwala
Industrial air pollution source in Amterdam.
(PD) Photo: U.S. EPA
Example of a mobile source of air pollution.