Aero Zeppelin

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Aero Zeppelin
Appears on Incesticide
Published by The End of Music
Registration BMI 1805148
Release date 14 December 1992
Recorded 23 January 1988 at
Reciprocal Recording Studios, Seattle.
Genre Hard rock
Language English
Length 4 min 41 sec
Composer Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic
Label Geffen Records
Producer Jack Endino
Engineer Jack Endino

'Aero Zeppelin' is a rock song by Nirvana, recorded at the Reciprocal Recording Studios on 23 January 1988.

'Aero Zeppelin' is unique when compared with other songs by Nirvana due to its light introductory style. The main riff has an eastern sound, although it speeds up and becomes more aggressive as the song progresses. The lyrics, available in the posthumous Journals, are a general attack on conformity and corporate mainstream 1980s pop culture. It mentions throughout topics including songwriting, fashion and fan devotion. The title, combining the names of two of Kurt Cobain's favourite classic rock bands: Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, are a comment by the author of the song's 'riff-rock' nature.[1] Early in the band's career, they performed many cover songs from both bands in their live performances.

Its only official release was as track 13 on the Nirvana album Incesticide in 1992. Few versions exist, the best known being the studio version and a live version, recorded at the Community World Theatre in Tacoma, Washington on the same day as the studio session. According to producer and engineer Jack Endino, 'Aero Zeppelin' was left unmastered on purpose, to give the song a raw live edge.[2]


  • Musicians:
    • Kurt Cobain – vocals, guitar
    • Krist Novoselic – bass guitar
    • Dale Crover - drums, percussion
  • Production:
    • Jack Endino - producer, engineer


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