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Administration in a business is often defined as the department that does various things with information.[1] The tasks done with it generally fall under four categories - these are detailed later in the article. A good and reliable administration department is essential to all but the smallest of businesses as they rid managers, directors and the like of repetitive, simple tasks.

The four informational tasks

The four aformentioned categories of information-related tasks are:

  • Storing of information, including maintaining databases and filing systems;
  • Processing of information, including typing of letters and documents;
  • Retrieval of information, including database use;
  • Spreading of information, including sending interdepartmental messages.

Advantages and disadvantages of administration

There are many advantages of administration departments; these include the ability to let more senior employees do more complicated work. For example, if a marketing director requires letters to be sent out to possible customers, then administration will type letters (processing of information) and then send them out (spreading of information) while allowing the marketing director do more important tasks.