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(CC) Photo: Marcus Bengtsson
The Øresund Bridge

The Øresund Link is a bridge and tunnel crossing The Sound, connecting Malmö, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark. It opened to traffic in 2000, and the cable-stayed main span of the bridge is the world's longest for both road and rail traffic.

The link consists of a 4 km long tunnel in the west, and a 7,8 km long bridge in the east. The tunnel and the bridge meet at the artificial island of Peberholm.

The governments of Sweden and Denmark agreed to build the link in 1991, and the two countries' parliaments ratified the agreement in August. A joint company (Øresundskonsortiet) was set up by the two governments, each owning an equal share. Construction began in 1995, and the last section of the link was completed in December 1999.

The tunnel was made of 20 prefabricated sections, all built on land. They were then floated out to sea and put into a furrow on the sea-bed.