Émile Littré

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Émile Littré (1801-1881) was a French scholar, physician, philologist, and philosopher. He was born in Paris.

Littré translated Hippocrates and belonged to the Positivist school in philosophy. He is mostly known for his "Dictionnaire de la Langue Française". Littré also wrote on medical subjects.

Dictionnaire de la langue française

It took Littré 40 years to write his Dictionnaire de la langue française. It was published in 1863-7.

Online Dictionnaire de la langue française

Littré's dictionary is available online for free. One of the many sites that host it is XMLittré. An XMLittré version of the dictionary is also available for StarDict, although it has some bugs, one of which being wrong redirections such as "palafitte", linking to the definition of "uretière". This bug is not found in the online versions of this dictionary.

Littré's translation of the writings attributed to Hippocrates of Cos, "The Father of Medicine"

Writings attributed to Hippocrates, about sixty in number, written in the Ionian dialect of Greek, have survived to the present, in Greek, with French translations, residing in a 19th century ten-volume work by the French scholar, Émile Littré, completed in 1862. [1] Littré ((Maximilien-)Paul-Émile Littre) received education in medicine and in numerous languages, including Greek, Latin, German, English and Sanskrit, and, as discussed above, gained repute for his lexicographic work, a scholarly dictionary of the French language, considered “….one of the outstanding lexicographic accomplishments of all time.” [2]

Jouanna states that ".... Despite the progress made by Hippocratic philology over the last one hundred years, the Littré edition [of the Hippocratic writings] has not yet been entirely superseded. " [1]

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