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A list of key readings about Yvonne Craig.
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Yvonne Craig Bibliography



From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond, by Yvonne Craig. Venice, CA: Kudu Press, 2000. Yvonne's life and career in her own words.

Craig as Batgirl

The Official Batman Batbook, by Joel Eisner. New York: Contemporary Books, 1986. Includes many quotes from and pictures of Craig.

Batmania II, edited by Hal Schuster. Las Vegas: Pioneer Books, 1992. Contains a nice interview of Craig, and several black & white photos of low to moderate quality.

Back to the Batcave, by Adam West. New York: Berkley Books, 1994. West discusses Craig on pages 177-179. Also includes a black & white candid of West and Craig (p. 116). I think the book needs an index.

Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights, by Burt Ward. Los Angeles: Logical Figments Books, 1995. Craig wrote a short forward to the book (page i), and there's a small photo of her. Ward discusses Craig on pages 110-112.

Craig & Elvis

Any book on Elvis that has an illustrated section devoted to his films is likely to have at least one picture of Craig & Elvis.

Elvis: A Biography, by Jerry Hopkins. New York: Warner Books, 1972. Yvonne Craig was one of many people interviewed for this book, and she is quoted on pages 299 and 300. The book has no pictures of Craig.

Reel Elvis, by Pauline Bartel. Dallas: Taylor, 1994. The book has information and trivia on all of Elvis' movies. There is one small black and white photo of moderate quality of Craig & Elvis from Kissin' Cousins on page 73.

Elvis Presley: The Complete Illustrated Record, by Roy Carr and Mick Farren. New York: Harmony Books, 1982. Includes two pictures of Craig with Elvis, one color, one black and white.

Elvis Album. New York: Beekman House, 1991. Contains two nice photos of Craig & Elvis (pp. 182-3). As a whole, this book has an excellent collection of quality photos of Elvis.

Elvis: The Films and Career of Elvis Presley, by Steven and Boris Zmijewsky. New York: Carol Publishing Group, 1991. Contains about six black & white photos that include Craig.

Elvis: A Celebration in Pictures, by Charles Hirshberg. New York: Warner Books, 1995. Contains one small but nice picture of Craig and Elvis from It Happened at the World's Fair on page 98.

The Ultimate Elvis, by P. Jobe Pierre. States that Craig dated Elvis in October 1962.

Elvis and the Stars, by Jim Curtin. Margin Press, 1993. Has one large but grainy black and white candid photo of Craig and Elvis on the set of Kissin' Cousins (p. 92).

Craig's Other TV and Film Roles

Starlet: biographies, filmographies, TV credits and photos of 54 famous and not so famous leading ladies of the sixties, by Kim Holston. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1988. Includes an entry on Craig, and five nice black and white modeling photos of her (pp. ii, vii, 44-49). Craig also wrote a very brief foreword to the book. A nice book.

Whatever became of...? (Eleventh Series), by Richard Lamparski. New York: Crown, 1989. Includes entry on Craig, with two black and white photos, one of Batgirl and one from 1989 (pp. 42-43).

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Book, by Jon Heitland. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1987. Craig is briefly mentioned on pages 117 and 169, concerning her roles in some episodes and movies.

The Perry Mason TV Show Book, by Brian Kelleher and Diana Merrill. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1987. Craig is briefly mentioned on page 103, concerning her appearance in the episode "The Case of the Lazy Lover".

Unsold TV Pilots, by Lee Goldberg. Citadel Press, 1991. Briefly describes two pilots that included Craig (Three Coins in the Fountain, and Jarrett) and gives her roles.

Craig's Dance Career

The One and Only: The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, by Jack Anderson. New York: Dance Horizons, 1981. Chapter 8 (pp. 153-169) covers the years Craig was with the company, 1954-1957; it is well footnoted. An Appendix lists Craig among the dancers with the company (pp. 298-301).

General Film and TV References

The Motion Picture Guide, 1927-1984, by Jay Robert Nash and Stanley Ralph Ross. Chicago: Cinebooks, 1987. Gives information on all of Craig's films except the 1990 Diggin' Up Business.

TV Guide. Nearly all of the information in my list of TV credits for Craig was checked against TV Guide listings.

The Complete Actors' Television Credits, 1948-1988 (in two volumes), by James Robert Parish and Vincent Terrace. Contains a very complete list of TV credits for Craig (Vol. 2, p. 77), but there are some errors and omissions. For a more accurate list, see my page of Craig's film and TV credits.

Actors' Television Credits, Supplement I, by James Robert Parish with Mark Trost. Metuchen, New Jersey: The Scarecrow Press, 1978. Gives some of Craig's TV credits.

Television Guest Stars: An Illustrated Career Chronicle for 678 Performers of the Sixties and Seventies, by Jack Ward. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1993. Includes an entry on Craig, with one nice black and white photo (pp. 132-133).

The Complete Encyclopedia of Television, by Vincent Terrance. Includes brief descriptions of ten shows that Craig was a part of, and her parts in them.

Total Television: A Comprehensive Guide to Programming from 1948 to the Present, 3rd Edition, by Alex McNeil. New York: Penguin Books. Includes information on The Jim Backus Show (aka Hot Off the Wire), in which Craig made a guest appearance.

Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Film and Television Credits, by Harris M. Lentz. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1983. Includes an entry on Craig (p. 126).

Television Comedy Series, by Joel Eisner and David Krinsky. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland. Gives episode guides to over one hundred series.

Science Fiction Television Series, by Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1996. Gives episode guides to many series.

Television Detective Shows of the 1970s, by David Martinade. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1991. Gives episode guides to over one hundred series.

Western and Frontier Film and Television Credits, by Harris M. Lentz III. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1996. Includes summary of Craig's Western credits.

Movies Made for Television, by Alvin H. Marill. New York: New York Zoetrope, 1987. Contains information on Jarrett, the TV pilot that guest stars Craig.

Who's Who in Hollywood, by David Ragan. New York: Facts on File, 1992. Includes an entry on Craig (p. 345).

Television Character and Story Facts, by Vincent Terrace. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 1993. The entry on the show Batman includes a number of details about Craig's character Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. For example her favorite opera is The Marriage of Figaro (pp. 33-34).

The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows: 1946 - Present, 6th Edition. New York: Ballantine Books, 1995.

The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows, 2nd Edition, by David Schwartz, Steve Ryan, and Fred Wostbrock. New York: Facts On File, 1995. There is a picture of Craig on page142.


Dance News, Nov. 1956. A note that Craig is now with the Ballet Russe.

Motion Picture, Feb. 1958. Includes Craig as a star of The Young Land.

Pageant, June 1958. Profile and pictures of Craig.

TV Guide, June 28, 1958, "Making a Graceful Entry into TV", pp. 24-25. (click for text)

Photoplay, Sept. 1958. Includes Craig.

Movie and TV Show, May 1960. Article on Craig.

Show Business Illustrated, No. 3, Oct. 3, 1961. Article on Craig, with photos.

My Fair and Frantic Hollywood, 1962. Includes Craig.

Who's Who in Hollywood, No. 17, 1962. Includes Craig.

Photoplay, June 1963. Includes Craig.

Star-Cine Vaillance (France), No. 78, Sept. 26, 1964. Photo-novel of the film "7 Women from Hell," in French.

ABC Film Review, Aug. 1964. Craig on cover with Elvis.

Escape to Adventure, Nov. 1964. Includes bikini pictures of Craig.

Motion Picture, July 1965. Has a fashion article with five photos of Craig.

Motion Picture, Oct. 1967. Includes Craig and Adam West on a boat.

TV Guide, Nov. 4, 1967, "The Dynamic Duo Become a Terrific Trio", pp. 14-17. (click for text) Click here for the article as a pdf file.

Movie TV Secrets, Nov. 1967. Article on Craig.

Modern Man, Jan. 1968. Sexy photos of Craig.

TV Top Stars, 1968. Includes Craig.

Rolling Stone, Aug. 1988, p. 52. Short "Where are they now?" article.

Us, July 10, 1989, vol. 3 no. 106-107, pp. 80-81.

Starlog, Dec. 1989. A long interview covers Craig's various science fiction roles.

Comics Scene, no. 10, 1989. Interview with Craig.

Starlog Yearbook, Vol. 8, 1989. Interview with Craig.

Epilog, No. 4, Oct. 1992. Photos and episode guide of the Batman series.

Filmfax, July/August 1995, no. 51, pp. 32-36, 98. Nice interview and several rare black & white photos.

Model & Toy Collector Magazine, 1996, no. 34. Includes a ten page interview of Craig.

Classic TV Treasures: Adam West Remembers Batman, Winter 1997. Text by Adam West, published by Dynacomm (phone: 818-894-5150). This magazines has tons of photos of Adam West, but only one of Yvonne Craig (p. 66). The photo is of West on a bike with Craig as Batgirl standing next to him; it is slightly different from the photo of Craig & West in West's book (listed below). West mentions Craig in the text only in passing.

Vincent Price: Nightwatch, 1997. Includes Craig.

Femmes Fatales, December 1998. Nice article with interview and pictures.

Femmes Fatales, January 1999. This issue names Craig as the sexiest sci-fi icon and has her on the cover, as well as inside.

TV Series (Brazil), Nov. 1999. Issue is about the Batman series, and includes Craig.

TV Guide, June 20, 2000. "Where are They Now" article includes Craig; she is also on the cover of the cable edition.

TV Guide, Dec. 16, 2000. Includes four page article on Batman with Craig, Adam West, Frank Gorshin, and Julie Newmar.

Biography Magazine, June 2001. Includes a "Where Are They Now" article with Craig.


Sunday News: New Yorks's Picture Newspaper, 8-11-1957. Photo of Craig.

New York Mirror Magazine, 7-23-1961. Craig on cover and inside, for film By Love Possessed.

Chicago Tribune TV Guide, Nov. 25, 1967. Article about Craig.