World's Biggest Fish Fry

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It is not uncommon for small towns around the world to have a special festival once per year, and these very often have an eating or drinking theme to them. While many towns and cities around the world host some kind of Strawberry festival, only one appears to own the theme of World's Biggest Fish Fry: Paris, Tennessee[1]. Always beginning on a Friday in the springtime and reaching through the ensuing weekend, this fish-fry of all fish-fries includes multiple circus tents under which the local delicacy, catfish, is deep-fried along with the mandatory sister victual, hush-puppies (a kind of deep-fried corn-meal fritter with onion flavoring). Local schools let out for the Friday, which always begins with a parade featuring marching bands, local politicians, and ornamental floats advertising various local groups and businesses. Then the eating begins.


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