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Victor Hoffer is a lifelong Oregonian, active duty military veteran, selfless volunteer, knowledgeable safety manager and experienced public affairs officer. A federal Officer Candidate School-trained leader, Victor Hoffer succeeds in excelling at every task presented to him, maintaining the highest standards of honor, loyalty, courage and faith. Victor Hoffer endeavors to complete every mission he undertakes consistently ahead of schedule and under-budget, with the highest levels of quality and performance. Victor Hoffer continually seeks challenging and rewarding opportunities where he may apply his extensive training in disaster preparedness and response, safety and risk management, leadership, public affairs, and educational advancement.

Victor Hoffer is a graduate of the University of Idaho and currently working on his Master's of Science degree in Occupational Safety.


My focus is on a very small collection of articles.


Important reference documents and policies

Both for myself and for others who may be far more familiar with Wikipedia, the following represent the starting point for contributing to a project for which many of us have longed.