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Hello, please find hereunder some info as a short presentation.

French citizen, I was born in 1945 in Paris Eastside, shortly after World War II's end, time of la liberation in France. My parents came from the Normandy, especially from the town of Rouen (where I also lived as an adult later on). So am I a child of the Baby Boom.

As a child, I lived in Paris Eastside (nearby the medieval Chateau de Vincennes) and was graduated in classics (latin, greek, maths, physics) to reach the A level in Paris (1964). Thus I experienced the cold war.

As a young adult, I studied engineering at the French Merchant Navy School of Le Havre, including several years as a mechanical officer trainee on board liners and freighters at high sea, reaching a MS degree in Nantes (1971). Thus I visited several continents quite early.

In the mean time, I spent 18 months in the French Navy mine sweeping forces in Brest to become French Navy reserve Lieutnant (1968). In the same period, I got married in Colonia with a German girl (1968) ; we now have 3 children and several grand children. At that time, peace took place between France and Germany, after centuries of war.

Later on, I spent one year at Insead in Fontainebleau, where I gained an MBA in a truly international environment (1978).

Work experience : moving into Rouen in 1969, I became industry Supply Chain manager, then naval maintenance Subsidiary Manager ; joining the real estate business in 1978, I took the position of Managing Director in Nantes ; ultimately, I started a management consultancy activity in 1986, as Manager in Nantes, then as President of my own business in Paris ; unfortunately, this operating experience never gave me the opportunity in acting as an author or a writer, where I start now from scratch.

Languages : French (native), English (to be improved) and German (quite poor).

Interests : travel, civilisation, history, ethics.