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Basic Background

Rabbi Dr. Seth (Avi) Kadish earned his PhD at the University of Haifa (2006) in Medieval Jewish Philosophy. He previously studied at Yeshiva University, NY, where he earned two masters' degrees (Bible and Jewish Education), as well as his rabbinical ordination. He taught Jewish studies in both American Jewish day schools and in the Israeli public school system. He currently teaches courses at the Overseas School of the University of Haifa, in basic Judaism for immigrant soldiers in the education corps of the Israeli Defense Forces, and adult Jewish education classes for Israelis sponsored by the Hebrew University's Melton School (the Gandel Program).

In addition to being a Religion Editor, Dr. Kadish is a specialist editor for Jewish Philosophy within the Philosophy Workgroup. --Larry Sanger


I think the idea of Citizendium is wonderful. In reality, since signing up towards the end of 2007 I have not actually found the time and motivation to contribute. But I still hope to do so in the future, at least for a few specific topics that I have something of value to add to.

Further Information

Further information on my work and hobbies can be found at my personal webpage, which includes a number of open content materials that may be freely downloaded and used.