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Hourglass drawing.svg Where Sandy lives it is approximately: 12:19

I'm a baby-boomer Canadian. I've spent two substantial chunks of my career as an English teacher — 1978-83 and 2002-10 — mainly because that is a good way to support travel. At other times I've worked in computing, mostly as a technical writer but a bit of everything else too.

My most recent job was as a technical editor in the Computer Science & Engineering department at Shanghai Jiaotong University (one of China's top technical schools), improving the English in papers that faculty or graduate students were about to submit to journals or conferences. In November 2012 I left that job and returned to Canada to get a medical problem sorted out.

For years I was active on Wikitravel, but that site was commercially owned and not well maintained. A group of the admins, including me, organised a move to a newly created Wikimedia Foundation site, Wikivoyage so now I edit there. An article there that I am proud of is on retiring abroad. I sometimes contribute to other wikis as well.

I am very interested in and involved with computer security and cryptography.

I wrote most of the documentation for the FreeS/WAN project which is a Linux implementation of the IPsec encryption protocols. I have permission to re-use that text here (see User_talk:Sandy_Harris/Permission). I wrote a Citizendium article on FreeS/WAN and one on the cypherpunk ideas behind it.

My Erdös number is five via Carlisle Adams, Michael Wiener and Ron Rivest.

At CZ, I am an editor in the Computers Workgroup. For more detailed background, see User:Sandy_Harris/Editor. For a list of articles where I have been the main or only writer, see User:Sandy_Harris/Articles.