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Hello everybody.

I am a researcher in Earth Sciences at the University of Padova, Italy. My specializations are stratigraphy, carbonate sedimentology and regional geology of the Southern Alps, which is a structural domain of the Alps, not the New Zealand's mountain chain! By the way, there is a "Southern Alps" mountain chain also in Japan (thanks to Thomas Simmons who signaled it to me).

Not much to add at the moment but you might like to look at my CV here.


After some months here at Citizendium, I realized I cannot spend much time in the wiki. So I set some priorities:

  • First of all, I'll check new edits in important articles about Geology, with special reference to sedimentary geology and related sub-fields;
  • Second, I'll take care of talk pages of hotly debate issues. I'll also write in the forum, in relevant threads;
  • Third, but I doubt I'll find the time for this, I'll work on articles I find important. The most important for me will be Geologic time scale.
  • Third (?!), I'll work on articles I like. Which third comes first? God only knows...

Biases that I know about

(feel free to edit here!)

  • I believe Thomas Kuhn's view of science, as explained in "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions", is wrong, while I agree with Karl Popper's "Logic of the Scientific Discovery".
  • I believe Italo Calvino is the best Italian writer of ever, and perhaps one of the 10 best writers of the world.