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[[Category:CZ Authors|Plater, Mark]]
[[Category:CZ Authors|Plater, Mark]]

[[Category:CZ Editors|Plater, Mark]][[Category:Education Authors|Plater, Mark]] [[Category:Education Editors|Plater, Mark]] [[Category:Religion Authors|Plater, Mark]] [[Category:Religion Editors|Plater, Mark]]  
[[Category:Inactive CZ Editors|Plater, Mark]][[Category:Education Authors|Plater, Mark]] [[Category:Inactive Education Editors|Plater, Mark]] [[Category:Religion Authors|Plater, Mark]] [[Category:Inactive Religion Editors|Plater, Mark]]  
{{DEFAULTSORT:Plater, Mark}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Plater, Mark}}

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I am a university lecturer in religion and education. Previously I taught Religious Education (and various other subjects) in the UK and in India, and then was an education adviser and director with two Church of England dioceses, having particular responsibility for supporting church schools. My research interest is in teaching about mystery and the mysterious.