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Hugo Pereira, Portuguese, 26, is a young leader that empowers people and businesses around him to find their competitive advantage and have bigger impact in their communities of interest.

He was a former member of AIESEC, the world's largest student-run organization, having been President at a global level of this association, and for so, led a team of 20 individuals from 16 different nationalities, and a global network of 60,000 members in 110 countries and territories. He led AIESEC through a complex and enormous change management process to make the organization bigger and better.

Hugo also embraced the challenge of being a catalyst for a NGO in India that works with underprivileged children and successfully empowered it to become more sustainable.

He has been a speaker at several key forums in the past years talking about GEN Y and Youth Leadership, having even been received by the President of the country. Some of the topics he is passionate about are the role of youth in todayʼs society, entrepreneurship, technology, leadership and social media.

His ambition in life is to be a successful entrepreneur and innovator; becoming a thought leader.