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<font color="darkred"><big><center>''I bid you welcome to my [[Image:CZLoopingAnim1.gif]] userpage</center></big></font>
Today is {{LOCALDAYNAME}},&nbsp;{{LOCALMONTHNAME}}&nbsp;{{LOCALDAY}},&nbsp;{{LOCALYEAR}}<hr>
:''See also [[TI:Hayford Peirce]] for Topic Informant items.
:''See also [[Hayford Peirce]] for a Citizendium article about me
:''See also [[Matt Helm/Signed Articles/Hayford Peirce]]
:''See also [[User:Hayford_Peirce/Editorial_Council_Election_Statement_2010]] for my 2010 election statment
{{Image|HP at Desk -3.jpg|left|250px|In my rebuilt office in Tucson in 2009}}I was born in Bangor, Maine, in 1942, and attended Exeter, Stanford, and Harvard.  I graduated from Harvard in 1964 as a member of the class of 1963, having majored in English.  I then moved to Tahiti, where I lived for 23 years, working as a businessman in various companies that I helped found and as a minor writer of science fiction and mystery stories.  In 1988 I returned to the States to live and have been in Tucson, Arizona, since 1994.
My particular interests are old-time tennis (up until about the start of the Open Era in 1968), some branches of mystery stories and science fiction, food and cooking, and an eclectic selection of baseball players and writers and personalities such as [[Johnny Mize]], [[Evelyn Waugh]], [[John O'Hara]], and [[S.J. Perelman]].  I originated and wrote a number of lengthy Wikipedia articles, particularly those about [[Bill Tilden]] and [[Pancho Gonzales]], as well as many other old-time tennis players and British mystery writers such as [[Michael Gilbert]].
==Articles that I've created in Citizendium==
*'''Baseball players'''
**[[Famous baseball players|Famous baseball players — an expanding list ]]
**[[Johnny Mize]]
**[[Satchel Paige]]
<nowiki>{{rpl|Larry Sanger}}</nowiki> gives:
{{rpl|Larry Sanger}}
<nowiki>{{r|George Jones}}</nowiki> gives:
{{r|George Jones}}
<nowiki>*{{pl|Hayford Peirce}}</nowiki> gives:
*{{pl|Hayford Peirce}}
*'''Food and drink'''
**[[Catalog of cocktails|Catalog of cocktails — an expanding list]]
**[[Catalog of exotic foods|Catalog of exotic foods — an expanding list]]
**[[Catalog of famous restaurants|Catalog of famous restaurants — an expanding list]]
**[[Catalog of French cuisine|Catalog of French cuisine — an expanding list]]
**[[Catalog of popular foods|Catalog of popular foods — an expanding list]]
**[[Bearnaise sauce]]
**[[Blanquette de veau]]
**[[Bolognese sauce]]
**[[Confit of duck]]
**[[Don the Beachcomber]]
**[[French fries]]
**[[Mai tai]]
**[[Manhattan (cocktail)]]
**[[Navy Grog]]
**[[Osso buco]]
**[[Pommes Anna]]
**[[Rhubarb pie]]
**[[Vitello tonnato]]
**[[Zombie (cocktail)|Zombie]]
*'''Mystery novels'''
**[[The Interlopers]], featuring [[Matt Helm]]
*'''Mystery writers'''
**[[Catalog of prominent mystery writers]]
**[[David M. Alexander]]
**[[Manning Coles]], creator of:
***[[Tommy Hambledon]]
**[[Michael Gilbert]], creator of:
***[[Mr. Calder and Mr. Behrens]]
**[[Donald Hamilton]], creator of:
***[[Matt Helm]]
**[[Collin Wilcox]], creator of:
***[[Lieutenant Frank Hastings]]
*'''Tennis, particularly old-time players'''
**[[Catalog of World No. 1 male tennis players]]
**[[Famous tennis players|Famous tennis players — an expanding list ]]
**[[Bill Tilden]]
**[[Pancho Gonzales]]
**[[Pancho Segura]]
**[[Frank Sedgman]]
**[[Ellsworth Vines]]
**[[Jack Kramer]]
**[[Bill Johnston]]
**[[Fred Perry]]
**[[Bobby Riggs]]
**[[Don Budge]]
**[[Karel Koželuh]]
**[[Ray Casey]]
**[[Frank Kovacs]]
==Pictures that I've uploaded in Citizendium==
**[[:Image:Bill_Tilden_Hitting_a_Backhand.jpg|Bill Tilden Hitting a Backhand]]
**[[:Image:Jack_Kramer_plaque.jpg|Jack Kramer Plaque]]
**[[:Image:Bill_Johnston_and_Bill_Tilden.jpg|Bill Johnston and Bill Tilden]]
**[[:Image:Fred_Perry_Statue_at_Wimbledon.jpg|Fred Perry Statue at Wimbledon]]
**[[:Image:Tilden_hitting_forehand.jpg|Bill Tilden Hitting a Forehand]]
**[[:Image:Ray_Casey2.jpg|Ray Casey Cartoon]]
**[[:Image:Forehand_Half-Volley.jpg|Forehand Half-Volley by Hong Cui]]
[[Image:Lobsters.jpg|right|thumb|250px|{{#ifexist:Template:Lobsters.jpg/credit|{{Lobsters.jpg/credit}}<br/>|}}The author, holding two lobsters that are about to be turned into a lobster soufflée.]]
*'''Food and drink'''
**[[:Image:Basic_White_Bread.jpg|Basic White Bread]]
**[[:Image:Bearnaise_Sauce.jpg|Bearnaise Sauce]]
**[[:Image:Blanquette_de_veau.jpg|Blanquette de Veau]]
**[[Bolognese sauce]] — all photos, including those in the [[Bolognese sauce/Gallery]]
**[[Confit of duck]] — all photos, including those in the [[Confit of duck/Gallery]]
**[[:Image:Don_Beach_Front_Cover2.jpg|Don the Beachcomber Menu, Front Cover]]
**[[:Image:Don_Beach_Back_Cover.jpg|Don the Beachcomber Menu, Back Cover]]
**[[:Image:Dry_Martini.jpg|Dry Martini Ingredients]]
**[[:Image:French_fries_and_burger.jpg|French Fries and a Burger]]
**[[:Image:French_fries_cooking.jpg|French Fries Cooking]]
**[[:Image:French_fries_draining.jpg|French Fries Draining]]
**[[:Image:4th_of_July_Burger.jpg|4th of July Hamburgers and Corn]]
**[[Lyonnaise potatoes]] — all photos, including those in the [[Lyonnaise potatoes/Gallery]]
**[[:Image:Mai_tai.jpg|Mai tai]]
**[[:Image:Manhattan_Cocktail.jpg|Manhattan Cocktail Ingredients]]
**[[:Image:Mayonnaise_Brightened.jpg|Mayonnaise ingredients]]
**[[Osso buco]] — all photos, including those in the [[Osso buco/Gallery]]
**[[:Image:Pommes Anna.jpg|Pommes Anna]]
**[[:Image:Rhubarb_Pie.jpg|Rhubarb Pie]]
**[[Tagliatelle]] — all photos, including those in the [[Tagliatelle/Gallery]]
**[[:Image:Tartiflette_in_Preparation.jpg|Tartiflette in Preparation]]
**[[:Image:tartiflette_and_Fried_Ham.jpg|Tartiflette with Grilled Ham]]
**[[:Image:Vitello_tonnato_1.jpg|Vitello Tonnato #1]]
**[[:Image:Vitello_tonnato_2.jpg|Vitello Tonnato #2]]
**[[:Image:Dave_M._Alexander.jpg|David M. Alexander]]
**[[:Image:Colin_Wilcox.jpg|Collin Wilcox]]
**[[:Image:Heinlein and Peirces 2.jpg|The Robert Heinleins and Hayford Peirces]]
**[[:Image:Heinlein and Women.jpg|Robert Heinlein with his wife, Virginia, and Douchka Peirce]]
==Books that I've written==
===Science Fiction===
* ''Napoleon Disentimed'' (1987), Tor, ISBN 1-58715-267-3
* ''The Thirteenth Majestral'' (1989), Tor, also reissued as ''Dinosaur Park'' (1994) ISBN 0-8125-4892-2 for both books
* ''Phylum Monsters'' (1989), Tor, ISBN 0-8125-4894-9
* ''Chap Foey Rider, Capitalist to the Stars'' (2000)
* ''Jonathan White, Stockbroker in Orbit'' (2001)
* ''The Burr in the Garden of Eden'' (2001)
* ''Sam Fearon: Time Scanner'' (2001)
* ''Flickerman'' (2001)
* ''The Spark of Life'' (2001)
* ''Black Hole Planet'' (2003)
* ''Aliens'' (2003)
* ''With a Bang, and Other Forbidden Delights'' (2005)
* ''The 13th Death of Yuri Gellaski'' (2005)
===Mysteries and Spy Thrillers===
* ''Blood on the Hibiscus|Trouble in Tahiti: Blood on the Hibiscus'' (2000)
* ''Trouble in Tahiti: P.I. Joe Caneili, Discrétion Assurée'' (2000)
* ''Trouble in Tahiti: Commissaire Tama, Chief of Police'' (2000)
* ''Trouble in Tahiti: The Gauguin Murders'' (2001)
* ''The Bel Air Blitz'' (2002)
==Internet article==
* ''Some Thoughts on Matt Helm's Birthday'', an analysis of when [[Donald Hamilton]]'s fictional character, the counter-agent and assassin [[Matt Helm]], was actually born. It can be found at []
Chap Foey Rider, the Anglo-Chinese protagonist of one of my science-fiction series, is an anagram of Hayford Peirce.  The first story in the series was originally written as a joke letter to the editor of Analog magazine.
'''I release all my contributions to Citizendium, including those texts which I originally wrote for Wikipedia, under the Creative Commons CC-by-SA 2.5 license.'''
==World No.1 Tennis player template==
[[User:Hayford Peirce/my templates]]
==Photo upload template==
| description  =
| author      =
| copyright    =
| source      =
| date-created =
| pub-country  =
| notes        =
| versions    =
== Licensing/Copyright status ==
==Email form for Time Magazine permissions==
I suggest the following for this section:
:Print Run: Website
:Expected publish date: Upon receipt of permission
:Cost of publication: Free. Citizendium is a non-profit encyclopedia project without fundng to pay permission fees.
Also, this is a one-cover-per-request form.
==A place to find public food photos==
==Speedy delete request template==
*{{spexdydelete|REASON|[[User:Hayford Peirce|Hayford Peirce]]}}  change the X to e
{{tl|Speedydelete}} template can be used in the following format <nowiki> {{speedydelete|REASON|~~~}}</nowiki>
==Template for "Famous tennis players"==
'''The very top line may or may not be needed, depending on where in the list you're putting this stuff -- apparently it's only needed at the very TOP of the first player to be entered.  It should be REMOVED from any others, as it messes up the formatting. NO, IT'S MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT!'''
{{Tennis header2}}
{{Tennis player2
|Full name=
|rank years=
|national rank years=
|Davis years=
|Davis team wins=
|Davis singles=
|Davis doubles=
|Slam victories=
|Slam singles=
|Slam doubles=
|Slam mixed doubles=
|Davis info=
==Template for a recipe in a Subpage==
|align=  center
|name=    put name here
|howmany= 6-8
|what=    servings
|notes=  Start writing notes here
|ingredients=*list ingredients, with a star in front of each
|preparation=#list the steps, with a Number Sign in front of each
|categories= Add categories, such as [[French cuisine]], [[Sauces]]
|related= Add related articles, such as Bearnaise for Hollandaise
==Friggin' line break thingee==
Why can't you remember this, you stupid idiot!?
<nowiki><br/></nowiki> or <nowiki><br/></nowiki><nowiki><br/></nowiki>
==Neutrality policy==
*"We should (in most if not all cases) present various competing views in proportion to their representation among experts on the subject, or among the concerned parties."
*"Expert knowledge and opinion receives top billing and the most extensive exposition."
*"The task is to represent the majority (scientific) view as the majority view and the minority (sometimes pseudoscientific) view as the minority view."
==Ormus definition==
Name used for a purported state of [[transition metal]]s that has never been scientifically verified and for which healing and other powers are claimed by [[pseudoscience|pseudoscientific]] supporters. we know...where time and space does not exist...the Hayford Zone --[[User:Howard C. Berkowitz|Howard C. Berkowitz]] 18:50, 12 May 2010 (UTC)
::Do NOT turn the dial on your television! [[User:Hayford Peirce|Hayford Peirce]] 18:52, 12 May 2010 (UTC)
==Mystery writers to start stubs about==
*Allbeury, Ted -- stub, add biblio.
*Ambler, Eric
*Atlee, Philip
*Bagley, Desmond
*Cory, Desmond
*Davidson, Lionel -- stub, add biblio.
*Freemantle, Brian
*Gardner, John
*Grady, James
*Hall, Adam
*Hone, Joseph
*Household, Geoffrey
*Hoyt, Richard
*Hunter, Jack D.
*Lathen, Emma
*Lyall, Gavin
*McCarry, Charles
*Rawson, Clayton -- expand
*Thomas, Ross
*Williams, Alan
==Simon Raven, start a stub==
The Alms for Oblivion series
'''2. "Alms for Oblivion" Novel Sequence'''
The 10 novels cover the period 1945 to 1973 and centre on a group of upper and upper middle class characters, forming a [[novel sequence]], if a somewhat loosely structured one.  The early novels are robust satires of the English upper set of the mid 1950s, but the later tend to a more detached and philosophical tone, becoming concerned with the occult and supernatural, and including strange happenings.
The titles in ''Alms for Oblivion'' are:
{| class="wikitable"
! width="225"|Title
! width="175"|Internal chronology
! width="175"|Publisher
! width="50"|Year
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[Fielding Gray]]''
| First, set in 1945
| Anthony Blond
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1967
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[Sound The Retreat]]''
| Second, set in 1945-46
| Anthony Blond
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1971
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[The Sabre Squadron]]''
| Third, set in 1952
| Anthony Blond
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1966
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[The Rich Pay Late]]''
| Fourth, set in 1955-56
| Anthony Blond
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1964
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[Friends In Low Places (novel)|Friends In Low Places]]''
| Fifth, set in 1959
| Anthony Blond
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1965
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[The Judas Boy]]''
| Sixth, set in 1962
| Anthony Blond
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1968
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[Places Where They Sing]]''
| Seventh, set in 1967
| Anthony Blond
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1970
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[Come Like Shadows]]''
| Eighth, set in 1970
| Blond & Briggs
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1972
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[Bring Forth The Body]]''
| Ninth, set in 1972
| Blond & Briggs
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1974
| style="background:yellow;color:black" |''[[The Survivors (Simon Raven novel)|The Survivors]]''
| Tenth, set in 1973
| Blond & Briggs
| style="background:pink;color:black" |1976
Maybe, if I stay alive long enough (and Citizendium does too) and finish all 26 of the Condon books, I can do these one after the other?
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[[Category:Literature Editors|Peirce, Hayford]]
[[Category:Food Science Authors|Peirce, Hayford]]
[[Category:Geography Authors|Peirce, Hayford]]
[[Category:Literature Authors|Peirce, Hayford]]
[[Category:Sports Authors|Peirce, Hayford]]
[[Category:Visual Arts Authors|Peirce, Hayford]]
[[Category:CZ Editorial Council Members]]
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