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Seasoned aerospace professional and space enthusiast. Possesses extensive breadth of interdisciplinary technical and management skills. Specialized in all aspects of systems safety. Proficient in QA, audits, test planning development, methods, tools and scripts for enterprise and client software and firmware

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Aerospace Systems Safety

  • Principal author of NASA-GB-1740.13-96 NASA, Guidebook for Safety Critical





been Senior Software Quality engineer in Oregon.

  • 1997 - current Senior Software Quality engineer in Oregon for non-aerospace

companies, medical devices (cardiac implants) , circuit board CAD tools, anti-virus software, and server projects. 15 years experience in Software QA, test and validation using a diverse range of tools and methodologies

I am an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

I am an EIT Engineer in Training registered in the State of California


Implementing software safety in the NASA environment

Software safety progress in NASA

Some contact information for me:

Web site:

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Email: CFRJLR (the_at-symbol) gmail (period) com (that is also my MSN ID)

AOL Instant Messenger id = CFRJLR

Yahoo Instant Messenger id = CFRJLR

Skype id: CFRJLR

I have Vonage Voip, so can telephone free to USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy. I live on West Coast of USA (Pacific Time Zone), please do not call after 9pm my time, thanks.

I have a Sprint/Nextel Wireless cell phone, in-network calling is free, email me for the number.