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The Cluster Move information box. (For Sock puppet to Sockpuppet)

Some or all of the pages you wish to move to already exist. View the list.

This might not be a problem since they could be redirects (listed in italics at View list link). If there is content on the pages, however, only a constable can finish off this cluster move since a deletion is required.

Create the approval page last!;

Now move the Article. IMPORTANT make sure you select the option to move all subpages too.

Please create the "Approval page". Just click this Approval page link and save the page.

This article is a stub and thus not approved.
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Click here to edit this metadata using the metadata form.

This is a central location for all information relating to the Sock puppet cluster. It is critical to keep this page updated since the {{subpages}} and related templates use this information for the placement of categories and header templates in the cluster. General article properties

pagename = Sock puppet
variant = AE
Article size = 236 bytes
Cluster subpages

Required for checklist

abc = Sock puppet
cat_check = yes
status = 3
underlinked =
cleanup =
Workgroup designations:
cat1 = Theater
cat2 = Hobbies
cat3 =
Subworkgroup designations:
Article specific tabs:

Required for the ToApprove template

article url =
subpage url =
cluster =
now =
ToA editor =
ToA editor2 =
ToA editor3 =
ToA editor4 =
date =

Required for the Approved template

The status parameter in the checklist (see above) of approved versions must be set to 0 (zero).
A editor =
A editor2 =
A editor3 =
A editor4 =