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The template lists anywhere from 1 to 10 authors (the template can be expanded to include more author positions as needed).

An optional argument, "others", can be used to add the phrase "and another author" or "and other authors", as appropriate; set it to "1" to give the first, and anything else to give the second.

Usage: {{SignedAuthors|Author1|Author2|...|Author10}} or {{SignedAuthors|Author1|others=<1/y>}}


{{SignedAuthors|J. Noel Chiappa|others=y}} gives:

Signed Article Authors:
J. Noel Chiappa and others.

{{SignedAuthors|John Stephenson||Pat Palmer|Warren Schudy|J. Noel Chiappa}} gives:

Signed Article Authors:
John Stephenson | Pat Palmer | Warren Schudy | J. Noel Chiappa