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Notes on use

The MeSH template helps markup links to http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/, the U.S. National Library of Medicine (part of National Institutes of Health).


  1. OPTIONAL- the MeSH term.



This template may be used within a ref tag when using the scope note field of the MeSH term to define the term at the start of an article. If this is done, be sure that the page name is either a valid MeSH term or a MeSH entry term.

Example: <ref>{{MeSH|Diabetes insipidus}}</ref>

Example from the article Diabetes insipidus:

Markup:  {{MeSH|Diabetes insipidus}}
Result: Anonymous (2023), Diabetes insipidus (English). Medical Subject Headings. U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Example from the article Syncope:

Markup:  {{MeSH}}
Result: Anonymous (2023), Syncope (English). Medical Subject Headings. U.S. National Library of Medicine.


When using MeSH terms for definitions, it is best to state the source only on the bottom of the definition page itself and not to transclude it onto the Related Articles pages which display the definition. For an example, see Amnesia/Definition, which the {{r}} template displays as:

  • Amnesia [r]: Pathologic partial or complete loss of the ability to recall past experiences (retrograde amnesia) or to form new memories (anterograde amnesia). [e].

This is achieved in the following way, using the {{DefMeSH}} template:

Markup:   <noinclude>{{DefMeSH}}</noinclude>
Result (only visible on the definition page):

This definition is at least in part based on: Anonymous (2023), Amnesia (English). Medical Subject Headings. U.S. National Library of Medicine.


This template configures the url for: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/cgi/mesh/2008/MB_cgi?term=<<<MeSH term or entry term>>>