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TESOL Inc. is a global education association for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages with individual and institutional members and extensive affiliations worldwide. TESOL has affiliations with 96 other language education groups including 55 in countries outside the USA, representing approximately 47,000 members world wide.[1][2]

TESOL Inc was founded in 1966 and has corporate headquarters in Alexandria Virginia. It has approximately 13,800 members in more than 120 different countries[3] and is designated an NGO under the United Nations Department of Public Information.[4][5]


TESOL's mission involves research and improvement of education and training, promoting professional standards in language education, networking and cooperation internationally, and advocacy of language rights and access to quality language education.[6]


TESOL has numerous publications in pedagogy, research and advocacy as well as current affairs. Publications include the "Essential Teacher" for teachers in kindergarten up through 4-year institutions, the "TESOL Quarterly", a professional, refereed journal in language teaching and learning, and occasional books in related areas dealing with methodology and language education issues.[7]

Membership structure

TESOL has nineteen interest sections covering technology, materials, age related instruction, research and instructional objectives (e.g. adult education, applied linguistics, bilingual education, computer-assisted language learning, elementary education).[8] In addition, TESOL also has six caucuses dealing with numerous socio-political issues (part-time employment concerns, Christian educators, Black professionals, sexual orientation, non-native English speakers and social responsibilities).[9]

Annual conference

TESOL Inc convenes an annual conference with papers, symposia, key note speakers, workshops, and annual meetings for the various interest groups and caucuses. The event is also renowned for a large book fair wherein most of the major publisher have displays. It is also a primary recruiting occasion for those hiring EFL and ESL teachers.


The annual conference is also the site for the Annual General Meeting. TESOL has a board of directors elected by the membership and a professional staff in the Alexandria headquarters dealing with the day to day logistical aspects of this organisation.[10]