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  • {{r|United States Army}} {{r|United States Naval Academy}}
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  • ...tary Art and Science (MMAS) degrees on completion of a thesis. It prepares officers for planning and leadership at the level of [[operational art]]: [[brigade] ...yees of the [[United States Department of Defense]]. There are often a few officers from friendly nations. In practice, graduation from CGSC is a requirement f
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  • {{r|United States Central Command}} {{r|United States Fifth Fleet||**}}
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  • ...Guard|Coast Guard]])—all '''casualty assistance officers''' in the United States share the unenviable task of personally notifying family of military person In all branches of the military, casualty assistance officers must meet certain qualifications. They typically must have served a number
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  • ...the [[United States Army]]. Founded in 1802, it is now part of a system of Army educational institutions under the [[Training and Doctrine Command]]. While a significant career advantage, automatically graduating with a Regular Army commission. This is no longer the case; graduates of the [[Reserve Officer
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  • ...the [[United States Army]], at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, preparing officers generally at the senior [[lieutenant colonel]] level for duty in joint and
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  • the [[United States Army]] Aviation Center, the home of [[army aviation|Army Aviation]] doctrinal development, training, and management. [[Ozark, Alabam ...Tod Glidewell, and, to reflect the large number of [[warrant officer]]s in Army Aviation, CWO5 Jeffery Reichard is Chief Warrant Officer of the Aviation Br
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  • ...immediately after the [[Second World War]], the United States created four officers with a rank above four-star [[general]], giving them protocol equivalence t ...hat the "marshal" term was not adopted because the [[Chief of Staff of the Army]], George C. Marshall, refused to be designated Marshal Marshall.
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  • ...drawn considerable interest in its parallel between failure of the German Army to prepare for post-combat operations in the Soviet Union, and is a substan | title = After the Blitzkrieg: The German Army’s Transition to Defeat in the East
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  • ...GSC), subordinate to the [[Training and Doctrine Command]]. It is aimed at officers in [[battalion]]-level command and staff jobs, or people with equivalent re
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  • ...valry Regiment''' is among the oldest Cavalry units in the [[United States Army]], first riding horses, then [[tank (military)|tanks]] and heavy [[armored It is the longest-standing cavalry unit in the Army.
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  • In many armies, such the United States, a '''brigadier general (BG)''' is the lowest grade of [[general]] officer. ...rmy brigadier generals tend to be deputy division commanders, senior staff officers, or leading large task forces.
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  • ...ade up of two or more [[corps]] plus units under the direct control of the army commander ...of two or more [[field army| field armies]] plus units subordinated to the army group commander
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  • ...from [[platoon]] to [[Third United States Army]], to the [[United States Army]] (i.e., DCSOPS, or deputy chief of staff for operations). He was the Groun ...nsurgents. Gates agreed this would end his career, although many four-star officers serve in only one assignment before retiring; there are few promotions avai
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  • ..."kernal"? The origin of the ranks and rank insignia now used by the United States armed forces have comparable seniority to Generals in the Army or Air Force. These ranks may have command of fleets, squadrons or task fo
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  • ...eld]]'s choice to replace GEN [[Eric Shinseki]] as [[Chief of Staff of the Army]] in 2003, had retired instead, needing to care for a sick wife. He stayed ...the George C. Marshall Foundation, chairman of Senior Executive Committee, Army Aviation Association of America.
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  • ...tiple channels to the top level of government (e.g., through cabinet-level officers for foreign policy, armed forces, law enforcement, etc.). There may very w ==United Kingdom==
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  • ...n a Japanese puppet state of the same name was in operation. The [[United States]] rejected Japanese control and it became one of many issues that led to de The Japanese [[Kwangtung Army]] was initially in the [[Kwangtung Leasehold]] on the border of Manchuria.
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