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  • ...:Article_Mechanics&diff=100273465&oldid=100268296 this edit], like missing link subsection targets, that stuff's all in the extended version [[CZ:Article M ...die died February 19, 1123" would not, in my view, be a valid use of the link since an article discussing the events of 1066 would provide little (no) ad
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  • ...cles" I get about eight or ten or so. However, when I'm adding subpages9 (subpages gives one a funny look still (see Talk on our workgroup) to my articles (ev ...ction of the list lives on a separate template, which is editable from the link next to the section heading. They're split up be cause we are eventually (
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  • ...s to be noticed, pointed out and approved by editors before the article is approved. Now the same thing is proposed to be done with finalizing of fundamental ...e still working through it and 2)to motivate editors to get their articles approved. Articles such as [[Intelligent design]] and [[Global warming]] are the re
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  • ...full then stick it in the other. If both have room just pick the strongest link. If about equal, toss a coin. :) [[User:Chris Day|Chris Day]] [[User talk: ...obal warming]] was original actually. It is categorized "developing", not "external".
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  • {{subpages}} outbreak of war, or a political coup, is imminent. When an indicator is approved, policymakers are alerted and a crisis team is often convened, with the mis
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