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  • '''Inborn errors of metabolism''' are genetic disorders in which the body cannot properly tu For clinicians and scientists in the field of inborn errors of metabolism, good resources include books by Scriver
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  • ...observations can determine. In [[general relativity]] an inertial frame of reference applies only in a limited region of space small enough that the curvature o ...which is to say, in one of a privileged set of frames that move uniformly with respect to each other, and in which the laws take on their "simplest" form.
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  • Standard Atmospheres], lists a few errors found in the U.S. Standard Atmosphere 1976, including the value of R.</ref> ==Reference==
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  • ...language was first written in prolog by Joe Armstrong. Ref:audio interview with Joe Armstrong from ( Joe is a known fan of prolog ...MD ([[Parallel_computation]]) programming almost easy once you get friendy with it. No memory is shared.
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  • ...oing to press (1988), it enables the connoisseur and the neophyte to find, with greater confidence than luck provides, stories good to read or good to avoi The work contains 952 pages. It is divided as follows:
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  • ...expressing a gas volume or a volumetric flow rate because gas volumes vary with the [[temperature]] and [[pressure]] of the gas. ...''scf ([[standard cubic feet]])'' are also meaningless unless the specific reference conditions are clearly stated.
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  • ...ed as the fundamental unit of length in almost all countries of the world, with the [[United States]] being a notable exception. ...the [[second]], such that the metre is the length traveled by light in the reference medium of [[Free_space_(electromagnetism)#Classical_case|classical vacuum]]
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  • ...rials".''<ref> Cochrane A.L. 1931-1971: A critical review, with particular reference to the medical profession. In: Medicines for the Year 2000. London: Office :*limit bias (systematic errors);
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  • its decline |journal=American Behavioral Scientist |volume=57 |issue=7 |pages=664-688 |id= |url= |accessdate= 2 ...yclopaedia Britannica, concluding that both had similar numbers of factual errors is described in the links below:
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  • The ''Citizendium'' is a wiki with unsigned, collaborative articles. That won't change. But ''What's Your Ar ...ned Articles|Signed Articles]]." This means your work might be held up as reference material and an official part of the ''Citizendium.''
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  • ...<ref name=Tipler0>{{cite book |title=Physics for scientists and engineers |pages=p. 129 |author= Paul Allen Tipler, Gene Mosca |url= ...''s''. The unit circle on the left shows the rotation of the unit vectors with ''s''.}}
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  • This article is well written and well organized, informative, and reads with coherent narrative flow. It was largely adapted from the article on acid ra I found a few errors requiring copyedits. For example, the following sentence appears to lack a
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  • ...|programs]] that directly assist physicians and other health professionals with decision making tasks. These fall under the class of [[Decision support sys ...zed physician order entry system |journal=Pediatrics |volume=116 |issue=6 |pages=1506–12 |year=2005 |pmid=16322178 |doi=10.1542/peds.2005-1287}}</ref>
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  • ...erapy]] focuses on the direct application of theory in a clinical setting, with the intention of bringing about behavioral and/or emotional change. [[Expe ...ical functions of the brain and central nervous system. The former dealing with the classical paradigms established through observations and theoretical re
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  • ...mentation, and reporting |journal=Ann. Intern. Med. |volume=140 |issue=10 |pages=795-801 |year=2004 |pmid=15148066 |doi=}}</ref> ...ambulatory setting. | journal=JAMA | year= 2003 | volume= 289 | issue= 9 | pages= 1107-16 | pmid=12622580 | doi= | pmc= | url=
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  • show up, but I just got back from a trip from halfway around the world, with wife and baby. Recovering (and reading mail) will take time! --[[User:Larr ...The real final word is that a bot will place the subpages template on all pages in main space when the subpages template is given the real green light. Tha
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  • ...| title = MPEG: a video compression standard for multimedia applications | pages = | date=April, 1991 | year = 1991 | publisher = [[Communications of the AC ...s testing were utilized as the basis for the standard and refined further, with additional features and other improvements being incorporated in the proces
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  •], page 37; the latter reference, though mentioning that this is the general view, is critical</ref> in a ro ...ouncil|Fourth Council]]. The tradition is not unquestioned among scholars, with some suggesting the process was less straightforward.<ref>Berkwitz, ''South
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  • contest of physical skill. This can become blurred, as described above with chess, because some people feel that a sport is anything that generates a f ...ike to propose we go with a definition of "game" as any formalized contest with rules that specify victory conditions and allowed methods of competition.
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  • ...rmation includes definitions (not restricted to Article/Definition pages), reference information applicable to multiple articles, etc. ...of the conceptual design. I'll simply say that the intended use of Related Pages and its evolved capabilities substitutes for WP Categories. CZ Workgroups m
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