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  • | release_stable = 10.6.2 - 9th November 2008 | ui = [[Aqua (user interface)|Aqua]]
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  • ...Public-Key Cryptosystems"]</ref> <ref>Communications of the ACM, Vol. 21 (2), pp.120&ndash;126. 1978</ref> <ref>Previously released as an MIT "Technica ...ey from that pair can decrypt. One key from a pair can be published as the user's '''public key'''; the other becomes his or her '''private key''', and mus
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  • Japan in September 1985; by the end of December, Nintendo had produced 2 million units of the game. Its phenomenal sales helped Nintendo command ove ...uropean players were finally able to play the original ''Super Mario Bros. 2'' when it was included in a game compilation for the Super Nintendo (''Supe
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  • 2) Establish a mail session. that there be feedback to an Author, either a notice that something has failed along the way, or a confirmation that the message was displayed on the Reci
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  • ...a less powerful [[Client (computing)|client computer]].<ref name="fortune 2">{{cite web ...- MSI Unveils the X320 “MacBook Air Clone” Netbook]</ref>, typically weigh 2 to 3 pounds (~1kg) and are often significantly cheaper than general purpose
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  • ...d please remember to include the [[CZ:Subpages|subpages template]]!), and (2) make a substantive edit (not just a copyedit) to somebody else's ''new'' a ...phy|biographies]]. Probably gonna jump the gun on '''Olympics''', too. [[User:Aleta Curry|Aleta Curry]] 03:49, 11 May 2008 (CDT)
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  • ...arly January of 2003, and Age 2 launched in late August the same year. Age 2 ended February 2004, and was followed by a public beta of Age 3. The full v ...ldier can be trained into four different specializations, which affect the user's statistics in each of the four skills as well as the amount of gold that
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  • ...ed after the [[War Finance Corporation]] of World War I. The agency gave $2 billion in aid to state and local governments and made loans to banks, rail ...n. The RFC was authorized to loan up to $500 million (plus an additional $2 billion if necessary) in emergency funds to banks, railroads, life insuranc
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  • ...k]]) may be twofold: 1) the lack of a standard language specification, and 2) the inability of any development environment to support all the major comp runners, integrated development environments, and bindings to graphical user interface toolkits written in other languages. These include attempts (sup
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  • ...:Ombudsman|report]] I made as election observer after the 2010 elections [[User:Gareth Leng|Gareth Leng]] 09:51, 1 February 2012 (UTC) ...[ here] is that report. [[User:D. Matt Innis|D. Matt Innis]] 15:31, 6 March 2012 (UTC)
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  • ...e top page are more likely to be chosen, thereby increasing chances that a user will click on a particular web site. This increase a web site's effectivene ...attracts the wrong customers, or attracts irrelevant customers, or when a user finds only clutter instead of the specific information desired. This dimini
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  • |title = The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.2. ...users. To use [[PGP]] encryption and signatures on mail, for example, the user must at least remember his or her passphrase, keep the passphrase secure, a
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  • ...otnet]] which conducts [[denial of service]] attacks. That is, it allows a user to volunteer his or her computer to become part of a group of machines whic | date = March 2, 2011
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  • ...S. (1999) 'Authors' Rights', Journal of Electronic Publishing, vol. 5, no. 2, Dec., 1999</ref> has been the main protection scheme for intellectual prop ...a free service) in July 2001<ref>'Napster Shut Down'[]</ref>. Subsequent services, such as [[Kazaa]]
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  • ...ffered 2 shooting games along with 4 pinball games. This console featured 2 flipper buttons on either side which simulated playing a real pinball machi ...was a flat joystick, two side buttons, and a number-pad, which allowed the user to put inserts for customized buttons. The majority of titles in its catalo
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  • ...d floor of a building, which made it both difficult to access if elevators failed, and also too high, under National Fire Protection standards, to have its o ...ficers had portable radios with 20 or more available channels, so that the user could respond outside his or her precinct. ESU teams also had these channel
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  • ...e San Bruno-based company uses [[Adobe Flash]] video technology to display user-generated video clips, TV programs and music videos as well as [[video blog |quote= She has been watched by more than 20.2 million people (and counting) on YouTube, ...
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  • ...tatistical Discrepancy'', WP2007-01, US Bureau of Economic Analysis, March 2, 2007]</ref> may be similarly attributable. The major revisions that have ...e extent to which they can safely be applied to a particular problem. The user who plans to employ those tools for the analysis of data must also be prepa
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  • ...rial Revolution]], the expanding railway system of countries being a prime user. Britain developed the main techniques of underground mining from the late ...ry of the British Coal Industry: 1780-1830, the Industrial Revolution (vol.2)|edition=|publisher= Oxford University Press|year=1984|id=ISBN 0-19-828283-
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  • ...onary but now seeks to participate in the political process. The junta has failed to create a coalition that would be sure to defeat APRA, in the election it ...not know the guns were going other than to Peru, and he had received [[End user certificate]] (EUC) for them.<ref name=NYT2000-11-06>NYT2000-11-06>
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