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  • ...icles|Biology Developed Articles]] and [[:Category:Computers Stub Articles|Computers Stub Articles]]. ...ped; it also alerts them to what articles that are "developed" but not yet approved.
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  • ...:Approval Announcements]]), we now have 30 approved articles. Most of our approved articles are quite remarkable, because they represent [http://www.geocities ...nd should only be generated by constables. Somehow- we have 2 separate non-approved DNA articles- DNA and DNA/draft. Please fix this - we need to keep the bett
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  • :If basic cleanup includes removing underlinking, will the links have to be reinserted as and when those new (related) articles come up in C red links to nonexistent templates, pictures, categories, and interwiki links. --[[User:Larry Sanger|Larry Sanger]] 21:56, 11 March 2007 (CDT)
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  • ...lassical_cipher_components | classical ciphers]] from before the advent of computers. All modern block ciphers are product ciphers. ...h>d but instead with a mixture, x = ((a+b)<math>\oplus</math>c)+d. On most computers this costs no more, but it makes the analyst's job harder.
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  • ...dern need. I believe that Citizendium should introduce abstracts of longer approved articles – “longer” here meant by analogy with journals which require ...ed articles. These would be something along the line of ''better-than-stub approved place holders'', while authors get on with the job of polishing the article
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  • ...cepted that WP-imported articles that are not developed here (of status 4 "external", just mirroring Wikipedia) will disappear. In a nutshell, CZ "own" content And savvy wp readers will catch on, too, and start to look for credits/links to a parallel, higher-quality CZ version.) Ideally, someday people will not
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  • ...ed hijacked aircraft into US buildings and was carried out by al-Qaeda and approved by bin Laden (though he had no direct role), he had been a major focus of U [[Abdullah Azzam]] and the [[Services Office]], which provided critical external support to the mudjahideen.
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  • ...t writing. Over time, others will join in and, if they expect it to reach Approved status, they will have to contact an editor at some point. If we've set up ...tnerships be, and perhaps have minimal fringe content here with links to them. Perhaps, for carefully selected things where we make a conscious d
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