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  • Some authors even call “Portuguese” the whole Galician-Portuguese set. ...ortuguese is fully autonomous. It has suffered minor discrepancies between Brazilian Portuguese and the other Portuguese varieties, but they are now reduced in
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  • ...tric language''', sometimes called a ''polycentric language'',<ref>Several authors prefer to say ''polycentric language'' for esthetic reasons, since ''poly-' ...uguese]], including differing standards such as [[European Portuguese]], [[Brazilian Portuguese]] and [[Galician]].
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  • ...w land when it strayed from [[Africa]] on its way to [[India]], but modern authors believe that the Portuguese already did have some knowledge of Brazil's exi Brazilian politics and society are continually divided between a wealthy, privileged
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  • ...ean Portuguese. They have not been studied as exhaustively as European and Brazilian Portuguese. In various parts of Africa, Asia, and the Americas, [[Portugues ...n the third person. Non-standard inflections are also common in colloquial Brazilian Portuguese.
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  • ...:18, 1 August 2007 (CDT) Scratch that, so to speak. Created [[editing]] -- authors of the world unite! ...drew Chong|Andrew Chong]] created [[boxing]], [[mixed martial arts]] and [[Brazilian jiu-jitsu]], and edited [[video games]] and [[sexual dimorphism]].
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  • ...The power that workgroups have is ZERO in relation to the EC. The power authors have is ZERO, as well. The EC may micromanage the project, as their powers ...e a central and important part of CZ's growth: we are short of both active authors and editors. How does this relate to the legitimacy of the Editorial Counci
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  • <i>For a fuller treatment see [[Authors of the Bible]].</i> ...since the nineteenth century, has put the dates of its writing (by various authors) and compilation into its current form at a period stretching from the tent
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  • ...tra et al., “Wolbachia blocks currently circulating Zika virus isolates in Brazilian Aedes aegypti mosquitoes,” Cell Host & Microbe, doi:10.1016/j.chom.2016.0 "Great written works from authors such as Shakespeare and Jane Austen that you'll never have a chance to read
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  • ...ning [[capoeira]] class. And just for kicks and drinks, and keeping on the Brazilian theme, she offers all a [[caipirinha]].[[User:Louise Valmoria|Louise Valmor ...ttractions and let us learn a little more about the places where fellow CZ authors live. We could slant it toward the little-known attractions over Disneylan
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  • ...f>Hansen 2005, p. 298.</ref> in Brazil he talked about the exploits of the Brazilian-born [[Alberto Santos-Dumont]], who was regarded as having beaten the [[Wri ...ished in 2005. For many years, Armstrong turned down biography offers from authors such as [[Stephen Ambrose]] and [[James A. Michener]], but agreed to work w
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