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  • ...was caused by the massive amplification of intergene retrotransposons. Ann Bot 82: 37–44</ref> <ref>Flavell, R.B., Bennett, M.D., Smith, J.B. & Smith, D ==Biological activity==
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  • ...her = Australian Wool Innovation }}</ref> Control of fly strike is a major activity of [[sheep husbandry]] in [[Australia]], impacting on timing of [[shearing] ...round the accidental merger of a human and a fly. In reality, the [[human bot fly]] lives parasitically in the human body.
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  • ...bgroup". Once choice is made, though, nearly impossible to change without bot. I'm okay with "subgroup" too. I'll concur with Milt on this and leave it ...But lack of affiliation does not actually prevent their existence or their activity. [[User:Chris Day|Chris Day]] 04:52, 3 March 2009 (UTC)
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  • ...'' with bright red pollen that has been knocked off the stamens by [[bee]] activity.]] ...L. as a result of sparse or abundant pollination. “Acta Biol. Cracov” Scr. Bot., '''18''', 101-114.</ref> Melandrium album (Cariophyllaceae),<ref> Correns
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  • ...d=12539058 | doi = 10.1055/s-2002-36759 <!--Retrieved from CrossRef by DOI bot-->}}</ref> ...d_06/d_06_cr/d_06_cr_mou/d_06_cr_mou.html The Brain From Top To Bottom<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> The cerebellum receives nearly 200&nbsp;million
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  • ...lonie/geographie/index.html Géographie - Portail de la Région wallonne<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> (33% of Belgium). the first half of the 20th century, which saw the center of industrial activity shift to the northern part of Belgium. Wallonia would be surpassed in econo
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  • ...tribute on links. Google engineer [[Matt Cutts]] announced that the Google Bot would no longer treat ''nofollowed links'' in the same way, in order to pre ==Legal activity==
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  • You might have noticed various fundraising-related activity on the wiki lately. We're putting finishing touches on [[CZ:Donate]]--feel ...quid proxy configuration. 403 errors claiming to be a "Major search engine bot" should disappear. [[User:Electrawn|Electrawn]] 01:18, 2 April 2007 (CDT)
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  • ...ennedy]] exercised greater supervision, although the agency stepped up its activity in Southeast Asia under [[Lyndon B. Johnson]], replacing Dulles, an OSS vet ...k]], Casey believed that the Soviet Union was the source of most terrorist activity in the world, in spite of C.I.A. analysts providing evidence that this was
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  • ...ty.<ref name="Shipman"/> Temperatures below 4°C (39.2ºF) inhibit bacterial activity and thus, decay of organic matter.<ref name="Allison & Briggs"/> ...t.<ref name="Leo">Leo, R.F. & Barghoon, E.S. 1976. Silification of wood. ''Bot. Mus. Leaflets Harv. Univ.''' '''25''': 1-47.</ref> There are four variatio
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  • ...tent of human knowledge at the time. In this article we focus defining the activity of ''living''. We focus on what essential activities living entities perfo :*intellectual or imaginative activity (&mdash; the ''life'' of the mind);
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  • living. Specifically, we focus on the ''fundamental'' processes of the activity of living, those that constitute a system that counts as a ''living'' syste *intellectual or imaginative activity &mdash; the ''life'' of the mind;
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  • ...logists use the term '''life''' to refer to the process(es) comprising the activity of '''living''', and to the entities that embody that/those process(es)—c ...and talk page. It should have a definition page. Since the Related Article bot is running, it will have a manually or automatically created Related Articl
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  • ...ached a certain level of activity and we can't reach that certain level of activity if keep creating barriers that halt participation. One of the things that ...equately taken into account upon approval. A second useful cross-workgroup activity is the harmonization of Core Articles across fields, and such a General Wor
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  • ...ophy 1951, MSc Philosophy 1954) Chairman, Soros Fund Management|url-status=bot: unknown|archiveurl= ...llerson-is-the-man-to-fix-it/|title=Rex Tillerson Should Investigate Soros Activity in Macedonia|date=March 28, 2017|website=The Daily Signal|access-date=July
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  • ...e to serious heart problems, he should find a desk job and avoid strenuous activity. Roosevelt disregarded the advice and chose to embrace the strenuous life i ...xt summer Roosevelt was watching a naval review when a launch marked "Pres Bot" chugged ostentatiously by. The President waved and laughed with delight.<r
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