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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Science 2.0.
See also changes related to Science 2.0, or pages that link to Science 2.0 or to this page or whose text contains "Science 2.0".

Parent topics

  • Scientific method [r]: The concept of systematic inquiry based on hypotheses and their testing in light of empirical evidence. [e]
  • Scientific research [r]: The practice of using the scientific method to investigate causal relationships in detail. [e]
  • Science [r]: The organized body of knowledge based on non–trivial refutable concepts that can be verified or rejected on the base of observation and experimentation [e]
  • Web 2.0 [r]: A description of the WWW that allows for greater social interaction between producers and consumers, authors and readers of content, to the point where such distinctions become meaningless. [e]
  • Research 2.0 [r]: An umbrella term for the use of Web 2.0 tools and principles in scientific research; often used interchangeably with science 2.0 but technically includes research in fields other than science, such as the humanities. [e]


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